"A Little About me"

Me with Sonny after a show at "Slims" in San Francisco 12/12/01

My name is Genny and I live in the beautiful Northern California Valley. I have a wide variety of musical tastes that include Classic Rock, Blues, Zydeco, Jazz, and many others. I have a collection of music memorabilia, items I've aquired over the years such as photos (some I've taken, some I've bought) posters, and items that different musicians have given me along with a large collection of CD's and yes, even albums! I love to read and have many favorite books and authors and sometimes I like to draw a little (Genny's SRV drawing)

I enjoy attending as many concerts as possible which can be difficult at times due to my work schedule. I am a registered nurse and work full time in a busy Emergency Department and part time as a labor and delivery nurse. Most importantly I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful daughters, a great son-in-law and three beautiful grand daughters. I've also been blessed with some very good friends whom I love like sisters. I love life and try to enjoy everything it has to offer!

I hope you enjoy the site. My goal has always been to create a place to help promote Sonny. A place where people can come to learn more about him and his music, see photos, keep up with his tour dates and chat with each other about their experiences or questions. I've been absent from the website the past 2 1/2 years due to life commitments, but hopefully I'll slowly be able to update this site again.
Take care, and enjoy life!

written 4/02
updated 8/3/17

Me with Sonny after a show at the "Rock n bowl - Mid City Lanes" LA. 4/26/02

Back stage with Dave, Sonny, and Brian before the concert at The Mystic Theater in Petaluma CA 5/24/02

Me, Kenneth and Dave after the Rock n' Bowl show on 4/25/03

Me with Sonny after the Rock n' Bowl show on 4/25/03
Bad hair day after all the dancing we did to the great music!

Me and Sonny after the final night of recording at Grant Street Dance Hall 4/24/04

Me and Steve Conn after the show he did with Sonny at the 3rd and Lindsley 9/28/08