"The Barns at Wolf Trap"
Feb 2, 2005

It was a Happy Groundhog Day here in Vienna, Virginia as C.C. Adcock and Sonny Landreth played to a full house at the Barns of Wolf Trap (A National Park for the Performing Arts). CC Adcock performed with two backing musicians, Jason Burns on upright bass, and Dee on acoustic guitar. CC played mostly acoustic and some on his silver slim hollowbody telecaster. He is used to playing almost all electric, and said afterwards that it is strange to be playing acoustic and mostly sitting down. He is a high energy guy! He obviously enjoys touring with Sonny & his band, and like most of us, is in awe of Sonny's virtuosity. CC played about 7 songs, the highlights were Maison Creole (about a shady bar with a great jukebox on the "other" side of the tracks where you can take a lady friend to be intimate, yet not observed by the gossips). Slingshots & Boomerangs - a funny story and a cool tune, "all 4 the betta", and "kissin' cousins" which is a very funny, incestuous song. My favorite line in CC's talk between songs was when he told his bandmates not to bother tuning perfectly, because if they did, Sonny would just play that much better!

Sonny Landreth, Dave Ranson & Kenny Blevins have been playing together for a long time and it really shows when they get locked in and grooving on any of the 14 songs they treated the crowd to last night. Sonny's guitar solos continue to go places you never thought possible, yet it never feels like a "loose" jam, because Sonny keeps it within the framework of the song and Kenny & Dave set the rhythm and the balancing bass notes so perfectly in time. Dave gets some great bass line runs and is playing with a lot of confidence and authority. Kenny is simply perfect-always the right touch, the right cymbals, and impeccable timing.

The Setlist:
Native Stepson
South of I-10
Z Rider
The Promise Land
Wind In Denver
Gemini Blues
Blues Attack
Port of Calling
USS Zydecoldsmobile
Broken Hearted Road
All About You
Gone Pecan
Pedal to the Metal
- - -
e: Congo Square
Set list is from memory as I didn't get a copy - hardcore female Sonny fans were all over those! He was pretty relaxed and had some fun bantering a bit with the crowd, encouraging shout outs and dancing in this sit-down set up. The place really is a barn, and many nights they take out all the chairs and have great dance parties (The Iguanas, Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans, The Nighthawks, Buckwheat Zydeco,etc...) It's a shame they don't do that for a Sonny show, but I'm sure lots of folks, particularly the "grayer" crowd, like to sit down and just watch those fingers! I just think it would be so cool if there was a "dance pit" or area for those of us who like to shake & groove. The whole audience was up on their feet for Congo Square. Two other things I would love to see - Sonny & band playing a cover or two (maybe an Allen Toussaint song, like "on your way down" or "superstitious" by Stevie Wonder, or anything that would highlight Sonny's playing, but within a different genre or song structure) AND having someone sit in with them - my friend Ron Holloway, a virtuoso tenor sax player was there last night; he had met Sonny briefly in Washington DC during the Little Feat "Waiting for Columbus" 25th Anniversary show here at Lisner Auditorium. If he could have come onstage for Congo Square or Promise Land, it would have added a bit of funkiness to the soulful guitar playing. They did re-meet after the show and discussed some music and possible collaboration. I truly love Sonny's playing, but I bet the setlist was exactly the same as the previous night at BB Kings in NYC, and the same as tomorrow night's, etc... He could use more spontaneity, and you know that Dave & Kenny could handle anything they attempt! He was funny talking about "Coon Asses" down the levee before Blues Attack, talking about his website "go there and you'll know a lot more than I do", cd's & t-shirts for sale -didn't want to be too blatant/commercial. He stayed around for a long time after, signing cd's and stuff. Dave & Kenny nowhere to be seen. Sonny had a plastic cup of red wine he was enjoying, and I suspect Dave & Kenny were doing the same in the dressing room. The new Sonny Landreth T-shirts are real nice. I'm a proud owner of one (I got something Genny doesn't even have yet?)

submitted by Bob "backflip" Adamson