"A Little About Sonny"

Sonny Landreth was born on Feb 1, 1951 in Canton Mississippi to Clide and Jeraldine (Jerry) Landreth. When Sonny was in the second grade, the family relocated to Lafayette Louisiana where Sonny was surrounded by the many musical and cultural influences that we can hear so much of in his music today. He is very much in demand as a session player as he never holds back and gives his all for whomever he is working with. He has played with many different artists including: Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Clifton Chenier, Steve Conn, Michael Doucet, Jerry Douglas, John Hiatt, Dr. John, Mark Knopfler, Kenny Loggins, John Mayall, Maria Muldaur, Dolly Parton, Zachary Richard and Junior Wells just to name a few. His haunting slide technique is quite different from anything I had ever heard before; sometimes he is able to coax sounds from his guitars that sound like other instruments. Sonny uses a style that combines finger picking, palming and slapping the strings and what looks to me like he's trying to "excite the strings" like you would with a bow on a violin. His slide technique is quite unique in that he also frets behind the slide, giving him a different sound and "feel" than most slide players. Not only is he an incredible player but also a singer/song writer. His latest CD "Levee Town" weaves a wonderful story based on life in and around southern Louisiana and shows much versatility in his playing and singing. When I close my eyes and listen to Sonny's music, it transports me to the places he's singing about, it has a very visual effect for me. I have been fortunate enough to have met Sonny several times and hope to get an interview with him this summer. Sonny is a talented musician and also a genuinely humble man. He is very approachable and even though I'm sure he's quite tired at the end of the night, he poses for photos with fans and answers their many questions. When I talked with Sonny in May 2002, he said he anticipates the release of their newest CD sometime around Feb of 2003 and I for one can't wait!

If you'd like to read Sonny's song-by-song description of "Levee Town" go to the Official Sonny Landreth website and click on "Lagniappe"

writen by Genny 7/02
promo photo from "South of I-10" Praxis/Zoo records

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