The Catalyst Club

Z Rider
South of I-10
Native Stepson
Broken Hearted Road
Hell At Home
Gemini Blues
Port of Calling (aka Ioana)
Blues Attack
Wind in Denver
USS Zydecoldsmobile
All About You
Gone Pecan
Pedal to the Metal
(encore) Congo Square

This had to be one of THE BEST Sonny Landreth shows I have ever seen (at least in the top two). Sonny must have been channeling every emotion he was feeling tonight into his music because it was an INCREDIBLE show! Dave and Kenneth provided the powerful back-beat to perfectly compliment Sonny's playing; giving him room when he needed it to just cut loose and burn up those strings (or more accurately, his amp tubes which were fried by the end of Hell at Home, causing him to have to switch his Dumble out for a "Marshall Stack") There was a huge crowd tonight, many who had never seen Sonny live (they were easy to spot in the crowd as they were the ones with their mouths hanging open most of the night) Sonny was very well received and there was much dancing in the fully packed venue. Pedal to the Metal, was EXTRAORDINARY! I've heard this song a few times but never quite like this. It just kept going on and on, building and building until I was surprised the guys had functional instruments left to play, what a powerful performance! Before leaving the stage Sonny made a dedication to his father (who he found out earlier in the day was quite ill) and wished him a speedy recovery. The guys returned to the stage amidst thunderous applause and the stomping of feet to play Congo Square. Again, I've heard this song many times but not quite like this. I'm not the only one who thought this was an especially incredible version! I wish there had been a live taping of this night to capture the magic that happened on stage because that's what it was, pure magic!
Thank you Sonny, Dave, Kenneth and Jason for a fantastic show!

all photos taken by Genny B. © 2004


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