Sonny Landreth at the Crystal Bay Casino

It was a cool night in Crystal Bay Nevada, (northern shore of Lake Tahoe) but inside the Crystal Bay casino, it was smokin' hot with the sounds coming from the small corner stage. The casino is pretty small and the stage is set back in a corner and couldn't be more than 14 to 16 feet across the front. An additional area in the casino was sectioned off with black partitions to make a larger seating area. The music could be heard throughout the casino, which I think would draw in everyone who hadn't already bought a ticket. It's an intimate little setting and the sound quality was surprisingly good.

Having seen many shows myself, I love watching people come in, some of which had never seen or heard of Sonny before, but "came to hear this slide guitar master". Jason had told a few people before the show about my website so I was able to meet with and talk to a few fans who had come from the Seattle WA area as well as the Bay area. It always amazes me what a great group of people "Sonny's fans" are.

Sonny started the night with "Z-Rider" and the crowd was in awe. I think when he finished that song I even saw a few people doing the "we're not worthy" thing and yelling out "you're the man!"

"South of I-10" followed, then "Native Stepson". The thing about Sonny is that no matter how many times you see him do a song, there is always something different about it each time. The solo's just keep getting better and better (if that's possible) reaching deeper and deeper into my soul, practically ripping my heart out and leaving me feeling at least two feet off the ground when he's finished.


Next, came a dedication... "I'd like to dedicate this next song to our good friend Genny and her husband Dale who are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. Genny follows us all over and has a website you can visit to see all of our adventures". Then he tore into "Broken Hearted Road" I almost died! This is one of my favorite Sonny songs (how did he know?) and as usual, it was amazing! The solo in the middle must have dropped every jaw in the place and to describe it as anything less than "orgasmic" would be an understatement. At the end Sonny again wished us happy anniversary and we thanked him.

..... .....

Then came "Hell at Home" and "Gemini Blues" which I can relate to since my youngest daughter is as "Gemini" as they come. "Ioana", always so dreamy and beautiful, one of my favorite instrumental songs. "Blues Attack" had everyone up and dancing again... but don't sit down yet! It was followed by "All About You", "USS Zydecoldsmobile" and "Bayou Teche". "Wind in Denver" (a song that will be on the new Live CD which Sonny said will be out sometime in Jan. '05) was well received. Then came "Gone Pecan" and "Pedal to the Metal" (which will also be on the live CD). The boys left the stage to much cheering until they came back to play "Congo Square". Always a huge crowd pleaser and I'm always surprised that someone doesn't get half naked by the time that song is over from the looks of the dancing that goes on during that song.

It was a wonderful show and I must mention that Dave and Kenneth were fantastic as well. The three of them have such a great time together on stage and it really shows. A big thank you to Jason as well, thanks Jason for keeping things "in tune" and helping the show run smoothly.


I was able to spend some time with each of them after the show catching up on how they were doing. I must say they looked well rested even though they had just flown in that day from Lafayette. The tour schedule is winding down for the year but after the new CD comes out I'm sure they'll be out there again in full swing!

I have to include this photo below. It's a bizarre photo and I'm not sure how it happened as I was using someone else's camera that night but I thought the result was kind of cool; notice there are two Sonny's