Fan Stories

A place for fans to share their Sonny related stories such as how his music has inspired them
or perhaps a concert they attended or a time they met Sonny

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"The first time I heard/saw Sonny Landreth..." stories from fans

Tony S. from Canada shares his story about seeing Sonny at Healey's after waiting 5 long years from his last "Sonny experience"
Tony's Story

Kaytlin C. shares her "greatest memory so far" of meeting Sonny in Oregon
Kaytlin's story

Holger Siebert of Germany shares stories of four different Sonny shows
Holger Siebert

"Backflip" Bob adds his review and a couple of photos from this years "Barns at Wolf Trap" show in Vienna VA 2/2/05
The Barns at Wolf Trap 2/2/05

Walter Hume shares a little something as well as the set list from the "Rams Head" 2/25/04
Rams Head 2/25/04

"Backflip" Bob Adamson reviews the "The Barns at Wolf Trap” show, Vienna VA, 3/5/03
"The Barns at Wolf Trap"

Tim J from IL shares his story about seeing Sonny at The Fitzgeralds, 2/15/03
Tim J.

Bill Thames from Florida shares with us the story of seeing Sonny for the first time in Tampa Florida, 11/1/02
Bill Thames

Bob shares his story about meeting Sonny for the first time in 2000 and when he saw him playing with Little Feat at the "Waiting for Columbus" 25th Anniversary show 10/14/02 in Washington D.C.
"Backflip" Bob Adamson

Sonny Landreth's music reaches out to people all over the world, Eric Larmier is one example. Eric lives in Paris France and has been
a musician for many years. In his story, Eric talks about the types of music he has played over the years, how he came to play slide guitar and how Sonny's music inspired him. Click the link below, enter site then click the "Eric" button on the left
Eric Larmier