"Grant Street"

Sonny live is exponentially better than Sonny in the studio and every song on the record, brilliantly recorded. I love the additions of Port of Calling (Sonny finally gave it a name!), Wind in Denver and Petal to the Medal, all of which I've heard at different live shows but now I can enjoy them on record.

My only criticism is minor but here it is: Sonny's live shows have a wonderful pattern, he opens with ZRider, then plays South of 1-10 and then jumps into Native Stepson, he's done this opening for the last several years. I was just a little disappointed that the CD didn't follow that pattern. The other thing that I missed was Sonny's between song banter - he has a wonderful way of interacting with an audience at a live show. I feel like I'm his guest at a backyard picnic or hanging out and dancin' and bowling at Mid-City Lanes. Sonny has the same kind of charm that Clifton Chenier possessed, if you ever listen to the Live at St. Marks CD on Arhoolie, you will feel like one of CC friend's at a Church social . Sonny's personality is just as appealing as his music..

I'm very happy to have this live CD, I also have several of the WWOZ live cuts that he did in the Blues Tent at Jazz Fest and some Mid City Lanes live stuff. The quality of the Grant Street CD is superior to all that. Can't wait to see him again at MCL, and Jazzfest!

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Bill Babcock