The Blues Garage
Hannover, Germany

Me and a friend had a fantastic evening with Sonny Landreth & band at the Blues Garage in Hannover, Germany on 5-14-09. Some months ago I got a note from Genny about this one; it was the only show with Sonny in Germany, so we hit the ground 2 hours before the show. Before the show we went around the corner to a tiny Chinese snack bar where we met Sonny by chance having a tea, no one else, only we 3 and a barkeeper. We talked a bit about things and he remembered me from former shows, esp. NOLA '99 where he was sitting in with Little Feat’s show. I wore a Sonny t-shirt and Little Feat jacket. Sonny was amazed; he didn’t know that Little Feat toured in Europe while he was there as well, and he told us that Little Feat are his personal long time heros. So coooool talking with him while having a drink!!!! He signed my/his latest CD and unfortunately I left my camera in my brand new car, so he promised a pic after the show.

Excellent show, great venue, perfect sound, maybe 400 people in attendance. Sonny’s guitar playing style is kind of unique, so it was great seeing and hearing his music. Isn’t it time for a DVD release btw !?! Two hour show, Dave Ranson reliable and perfect on bass as ever, Brian Brignac playing drums with heart & soul, what a cool trio. Highlights of the show for me “Key To The Highway” & “Bayou Teche” and his instrumental songs “Port Of Calling,” “Native Stepson,” “Pedal To The Medal” and the high-speed “Uberesso.”

Had a nice talk with Dave Ranson and the drummer Brian Brignac after the show, lots of CDs and stuff for Sonny to sign for the fans...and finally I had the chance for a photo with Sonny. Saying bye and he begged me to give his special regards to Genny B.

Photos and story by Holger S. of Germany
Thank you for sharing!