Shakori Hills Grass Roots Festival
Silk Hope, NC

all Shakori Hills photos this page © 2006 Jim Krizek
A good old fashioned rock festival in the country. Sonny and Dave arrived just barely before scheduled show time. There was something about weather delaying their flight in Houston. But the bad news was - most of their gear didn't make it. Sonny used an amp borrowed on the spot, I think a Mesa Dual Rectifier, that very definitely sounded different. Show time was scheduled for 8:30, but they didn't start until 9:00 or so with all the re-arranging. I didn't get a set list, but it was the usual stuff, with no surprises. I was right in front, positioned well for photos, and Z Rider started out fine but with a distinct lack of volume to my ear. For the first few tunes - alot of knob twiddling from Sonny with the strange amp, and a few quick huddles with the able and affable guitar man Chris Pappalardo (Waterline), and before long everything sounded almost normal. There was a minimum of passing guitars to Chris; Sonny did most of the re-tuning himself with a pedal tuner right there on stage, something I'd never seen him do before. There were various people wandering onto some corner of the stage at times, and some kids dancing on the right side throughout. There were also some heavy cables running all over the place; I don't know how nobody ever tripped. When they started up All About You, somebody got off on the wrong foot - D'oh! Sonny went right over to Kenneth, and about three bars into it they just stopped with a screeching halt. After about one deep breath pause, they started up again in perfect synch, and nobody knew what happened - LOL!
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The lighting was tough - colored spots from the side and rear, and never the bright white one from the front that I wanted. Also, some psychedelic projections to keep things interesting. There was a smell of wood fires in the air, and nearby thunder and lightning, but no rain that I saw. It was definitely a night of gremlins, but the set got better and better. As much as I wanted to, I didn't stay the night; too much else goin' on. I drove the two hours back to Charlotte around midnight with windows open and some great acoustic blues on the radio, courtesy of WUNC Chapel Hill.
Summer is here. I love it.

Jim Krizek
Charlotte, NC