Sonny's bowling shirt from "The Krewe"

This shirt was a project by Evangelisa; she wanted to have everyone who wore the first "Sonny's Krewe" shirts sign their names on a shirt for Sonny. She sent out little slips of blue fabric for everyone to sign and then sewed them together on the back of a bowling shirt for Sonny (a few people were able to sign the collar also). The shirt was then presented to Sonny by Mona Lisa at the show in Raleigh on June 26, 2004. As you can see by the third photo he carefully looked at each name and I was told he said he'd wear the shirt and that he might have to take up bowling again. Maybe we'll see him out bowling at the Rock n' Bowl sometime wearing his version of the "Sonny's Krewe" shirt. Thanks to everyone who helped make this whole thing possible and thanks Russ for the great photos!

Just a quick update re: Sonny's shirt. When I saw Sonny tonight we talked a litte about the shirts and he told me he really loved his shirt and has it hanging up in his hallway. He also told me he liked the paper that Jazzcat printed out with all "The Krewe's" names, where they are from and their pictures. I think he really loves looking out into the crowd and seeing all those shirts.