"The Traiteurs"
Festival International de Louisiane

The Traiteurs bio courtesy of the Festival International de Louisiane website:

"The Traiteurs first got together when guitarist and vocalist Sonny Landreth, fiddler and vocalist Al Berard, accordionist Errol Verret, bassist Gary Newman and guitarist Tony Latiolais joined forces to provide the acoustic soundtrack for a wine auction benefit. Later, after playing electric sets with drummer and rubboard player Danny Kimball at several festivals, the transformation was complete. The Traiteurs, Cajun jam-band extraordinaire, stretch tried-and-true traditional tunes into new forms through their near-telepathic synthesis of soaring electric slide guitar and fiddle lines and soulful accordion runs. The talented ensemble produces raucous, heartfelt, one-of-a-kind dance music."

I was able to get photos of everyone except the lady that plays the triangle (whom I was able to chat with for a bit at the coffee house afterwards) and I'm sorry but I can't remember her name. Thank you Margie for the first photo on this page which does have the "mystery triangle player" in it as well as the set lists

*new addition*
The triangle player for the Traiteurs is Valerie Breazeale (thank you Margie) and I've added another photo to this page that was taken by Kelly from Arkansas as well as one more on page 2

above photo by Margie
Set list on the stage
1. Evangeline 2-Step
2. Choupic 2-Step
3. Ossun 2-Step
4. Bayou Teche Waltz
5. Acadian 2-Step
6. BLUES Cleoma
7. Adieu Rosa
8. My True Love
9. Camel 2-Step
10. Reno Waltz
11. I Left the House
12. Qu Faire
13. Turtle Tail
14. McGee 2-Step
15. Amede' 2-Step

Set list per Margie
1. Evangeline 2-Step
2. Choupic 2-Step
3. La Valse de Bayou Teche
4. Acadian 2-Step
5. Blues Cleoma
6. [?]
7. My True Love
8. [?]
9. Reno Waltz
10. Les Flammes d'Enfer
11. (Encore)?

above photo by Kelly
all photos taken by Genny unless noted

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